What's On?
Tuesdays 1st, 8th, 15th December at 7pm
Dr. Jeremy Llewellyn

Advent is the season of waiting. We are told to wait for judgement, for righteousness. We are told that one age will come to an end, and another one will begin. We are told that darkness will ultimately yield to light. In short, Advent can feel very abstract and, thanks to our particular climatological circumstances in the northern hemisphere, also very dark. These short, 30-minute meditations have two main purposes. First, to give some form to the formlessness of our Advent waiting: the three sessions are entitled ‘Stars’, ‘Rain’ and ‘Voice’. Second, to offer some simple tips for our own individual spiritual practice in the form of meditative exercises around the three chosen themes. We will end each session by saying Compline together. These sessions will be broadcast on Zoom.
Old Testament Prophecies in Matthew's Infancy Narrative
Saturday, 5 December at 10:30am
Rosie Evans

Join us on Saturday, 5 December, at 10:30am for an interactive session exploring the fulfillment of Old Testament prophecies in Matthew's infancy narrative. We will read through Matthew 1-3, and look at the relevant Old Testament prophecies before discussing how the message of prophecy fulfillments relates to our lives today, and provides us with hope during difficult times. This session will be led by the CCV intern, Rosie, on Zoom.